The Polpo Lamp was designed to mimic the tentacles of an octopus, the angle of the "suckers" on each tentacle either block or deflect light from the bulb creating a nice ambient glow that can be used for task lighting. 

The goal of the rubix cube project was to create a toy that can be used by someone who is disabled. I chose the blind, but instead of using braille I chose to use simple geometric shapes that projected or recessed from the sides of the cube. The cube is made so that it can be printed using a 3D printer, put into solvent and be used immediately. 

The stool is a project where I had to design a stool, then find a way to fabricate it using a CnC router. By changing the smooth curves into plates, the organic shape of the chair is preserved. The chair does not need glue as a binder due to the number of connections where the pieces overlap to provide each other support. 

The ring project takes two cubes and modifies the pieces of them to create two different rings that started from the same shape. One ring was modified in a highly symmetrical way to create a symmetrical object. The non symmetrical ring was modified at will, only loosely adhering to the ring shape.